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Bill Nowicki | Veteran’s Podcast Network Coach | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Bill was a stuck 50-something engineer working in the commercial nuclear power industry. He decided to find his voice through podcasting by interviewing fellow submarine veterans. Now Bill helps others tell their story and find their voice through coaching in a veteran’s podcast network. HSLD: … [Read More...]


Courage After Fire | Guest Post By H. Scott Dalton Of Courage-Counts.com

This is a guest post by H. Scott Dalton.  He spent twelve years as an officer in the U.S. Army and Texas Army National Guard, including a tour of duty in Iraq in 2005.  He writes about courage at courage-counts.com.   You have already shown you’ve got plenty of courage but what does that … [Read More...]

Grace Conyers

Some Habits Should Never Die | A Guest Post From Grace Conyers | Owner of Insanitek Research and Development

This is a guest post from Grace Conyers.  She is an independent environmental researcher and owner of Insanitek Research and Development startup firm. Her passions are studying landscape changes, heavy metals in soil, and helping other independent researchers find their path. You can find out more … [Read More...]


Interview With Tony Mendoza | Producer and Filmmaker | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

High Speed Low Drag’s guest for today is no other than Tony Mendoza. Tony is an active duty member of the Nevada Army National Guard. He is also a digital content producer in Las Vegas who shot his first feature film after returning from Afghanistan in 2010. Tony’s goal is to teach film … [Read More...]

Domain Name

How To Name Your Veteran Owned Business (And What To Avoid) | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

What’s in a name? Shakespeare said it and now we are too! If you’re a veteran, do you have an idea as to what should go into a good business name for a business that may potentially be geared towards other veterans? Obviously this podcast is dedicated to the topic of naming your … [Read More...]


Michael Molinski | USMC Photographer and Graphic Designer | HSLD Podcast

Michael Molinski worked as a photographer and graphic designer for United States Marine Corps out of high school. After his service he moved home to settle down and build his portfolio. In 2009 Michael used his wedding gift money to open a full time studio.  He also started a blog called … [Read More...]


How Veterans Can Rapidly Turn An Idea Into A Business | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Have you ever had those moments when you feel like you’ve suddenly come up with a great idea that could translate into a really great business? Hardly anyone is a stranger to that. When inspiration strikes anyone can think up a great idea! The strange thing though is despite the abundance of … [Read More...]

Robert Longley

Robert Longley | Creator Of The First Online Cruise Travel Agency | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Robert Longley spent 8 years as an Air Force Intelligence Officer. He has gone on to start the First Online Cruise Travel Agency and other entrepreneurial initiatives. Robert has spent most of his career in IT project management and specializes in case management systems for social … [Read More...]


Carl Churchill Co-Founder and Chief Coffee Officer of Lock N Load Java | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Carl Churchill is Co-Founder and Chief Coffee Officer of Lock N Load Java. The company is a retailer of premium coffee to consumers. They deliver coffee with free shipping options directly to your front door and every bag bought sends a cup of coffee to a deployed service member. HSLD: Besides … [Read More...]


How Veterans Can Build And Lead A Tribe | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Author Seth Godin in his book defines a Tribe as a a group of people connected through a common interest and have the ability to communicate. All veterans are already part of a tribe the military and their branch of service, but the question is: How do we leverage the power of the tribe in the … [Read More...]