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High Speed Low Drag Podcast 10: Chad Grills Entrepreneur and Author of “Future Proof”.

Chad Grills is an army infantry veteran, entrepreneur and the author of “Future Proof”. He is currently finishing his second book entitled “Veterans, Don’t Reintegrate, Rebuild America”. He also just launched and serves on the board of directors at the non-profit Higher Hour Heroes. Click here to listen to the Stitcher version of the HSLD podcast featuring Chad … [Read more...]

Military Tribes – Connecting Veterans

Seth Godin, in his book “Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us” really gives that word a deeper more profound meaning. It is especially profound because to us, the military is a tribe. Veterans are also a tribe within ourselves. We are a special group that is connected to a leader, connected to one another and connected to an idea. Click here to listen to the iTunes version  of Military … [Read more...]

Timothy Lawson, Founder of Lawson Entertainment : High Speed Low Drag Podcast #8

Timothy Lawson has served five years in the United States Marine Corps. He is also the founder of Lawson Entertainment. He hosts four weekly podcasts- The Capitol Experience, Tim and Brandon’s Bromantic Comedy, One Two Many: Veteran Suicide and The Veteran Empire. The last one was actually nominated for a 2013 podcast award in the culture and arts category. Click here to listen to the … [Read more...]

7 Myths People Have About Veterans And What To Do About Them

There are all sorts of myths and false beliefs that persist about every single group, tribe and organizations out there. The military is no different. A huge majority of the population seem to believe certain things about the military and following that about veterans. Now these myths can have both positive and negative effects but what should veterans do when the latter … [Read more...]

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

** This post is dedicated to a dear friend and wonderful Business Strategist, Margaret L. Fisher, in honor of her dad, R. Wayne Jennings, who recently passed away. ** Being in the army can teach a man (or woman) many things. One of the great military adages that successful veterans usually pick up is that of the 5Ps- Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Apparently … [Read more...]

Interview With Dan Auito; Business, Marketing and Technology Master : High Speed Low Drag Podcast #6

Business, marketing and technology are where Dan’s skills, talents and ability is focused. He is responsible for starting up and running 6 businesses and have a couple more on the way. Entrepreneurship really is the core of everything that Dan does. HSLD: Besides the little background that we’ve give about you, could you tell us a little more about yourself? Dan: I am an entrepreneur … [Read more...]

11 Things That Confuse Veterans In The Civilian World

While each veteran’s experience may be highly different from each other’s, there is no doubt that there are some striking and even universal similarities too. One of the main things is that going back to the real world AKA the civilian world after serving can not only be daunting but can also be confusing as well. While there are so many things that can be considered confusing High Speed Low … [Read more...]

Founder Story – Tom Morkes : High Speed Low Drag Podcast #4

After we did the first two interviews of High Speed Low Drag’s first two founders, we thought it was only fitting to round it up with its third. HSLD’s third founder is Tom Morkes. Below is his story from his time to the military up to his experiences as a civilian. Read up because we’re pretty sure you’re bound to pick up a couple of life lessons from what he has to say too! Tom … [Read more...]

Founder Story- Antonio Centeno : High Speed Low Drag Podcast #3

The last podcast that we did, featured one of the founders of High Speed Low Drag- John Lee Dumas. However John isn’t the sole founder. He founded HSLD with two other individuals. We thought it was only fair to bring you the second founder’s story- that of Antonio Centeno’s. Read up on this guy’s experiences, inspirations, and amazing business. Antonio Centeno is the founder of … [Read more...]

Founder Story – John Lee Dumas : High Speed Low Drag Podcast #2

Today’s interview features a very special guest. He is no other than one of the founders of High Speed Low Drag himself, John Lee Dumas. John is the founder and host of Entrepreneur on Fire which was awardedThe Best of ITunes 2013. John interviews today’s most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs seven days a week. He has been featured in Forbes and Time Magazine. He is … [Read more...]