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Help Me Hire You! | Things Former Military Should Remember About Getting Hired By People Like Me

This is a post by Mike Sackmary. He is a Design Engineer who also runs a boutique investment firm. His products include GPS systems, the AmmoMug and a whole bunch of things that go inside other things. His investment firm focuses on finding pricing anomalies in the technology and raw materials sectors. His piece of financial advice for everyone is to read, live and breathe the book Security … [Read more...]

How Coaching Programs Help Build Your Business | Leveraging Expert Advice

This post is a conversation between Antonio, Tom, and Mischelle O'Neal.  Mischelle is the founder of   Tom:    The primary thing we want to do today was to get some perspective from different High Speed Elite students to talk a little bit about your journey since before High Speed Elite and after, so that kind of transformation. By the way, we're recording … [Read more...]

Becoming An Authority | How You Can Be A More Capable Business Owner

This post is a conversation between Antonio, Tom, and Mike Mills.  Mike is a former US Marine who transitioned into a business. Mike: I guess one of the biggest things that I wanted to do was be a more capable business owner to where I could actually come out and speak at StyleCon. Not just as a two-minute and actually be someone there kind of like Ryan was so people see me as an … [Read more...]

How to Start Over Without Fear | Leveraging Your Skill Set to Start Your Business

This post is a conversation between Antonio, Tom, and Jennifer of  Jennifer's mission is to inspire you to be yourself with no restraint. How were you doing before High Speed Elite with your business ideas and where are you at now since joining?   Jennifer:    Before I started, I was in another program and I had spent $6500 on that program. There was really no … [Read more...]