How To Persevere When You Feel You’re Failing In Business | HSLD Podcast 34

Any businessman will tell you that running a business is a cycle. Sure, there are ups but there are also downs. Granted, the downs can get you down. So the main question is, how does one persevere when it seems like nothing is working and all the things you’re trying do not seem to be working?  Today’s podcast attempts to work out this dilemma so if you find yourself in a similar boat, … [Read more...]

Gavin McCulley | Angel Investor and Founder of Twin River Holdings : High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Gavin McCulley explains the game of Angel Investing High Speed Low Drag Episode 6. High Speed Nation. John Lee Dumas here and I am fired up to bring you our featured guest today, Gavin McCulley. Gavin, are you prepared to ignite? Gavin: I am prepared to ignite. John: Yes. Gavin is a former Army Logistics Officer who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Gavin left the Army in late 2008 … [Read more...]

High Speed Low Drag Podcast Transcript | Four Things Veterans Need To Do To Build A Business

Tom: Hey, everyone. Tom Morkes here with Antonio Centeno from the High Speed Low Drag podcast. We wanted to welcome you guys back to another episode. Today we want to focus primarily on some questions that we’ve gotten from a recent live event that John, Antonio and I presented just last week and we’ll be doing another one this week. But it’s questions that we got from the audience after … [Read more...]

Charlie Hoehn | Keynote Speaker and Author of Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Charlie Hoehn is a keynote speaker and the author of Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety and Recession Proof Graduates. Previously, he worked for Tim Farris as his director for special projects, helping him edit and launch the Four-Hour body, which sold over a million copies. Charlie is also the CEO of BookPop! , a company that helps authors market their books. HSLD: Besides the … [Read more...]

Byron Chen Founder of | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Byron Chen is the founder of - a resource blog and podcast for veterans. His goal is to provide the best advice, insight and inspiration when it comes to transitioning, building a great career and having a fulfilling life after the military. HSLD: Besides the little background that we’ve give about you, could you tell us a little more about yourself? Byron: is … [Read more...]

How To Finance Your Veteran Owned Business | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

A valid concern for the many who dream of starting their own businesses is the financing. Veterans who have just gotten out find that they need to watch every single penny. A few have some money saved up but don’t know what to do with it next. When it comes to financing- Where does one even start?! Click here to listen to How To Finance Your Veteran Owned Business on … [Read more...]

Bill Nowicki | Veteran’s Podcast Network Coach | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

Bill was a stuck 50-something engineer working in the commercial nuclear power industry. He decided to find his voice through podcasting by interviewing fellow submarine veterans. Now Bill helps others tell their story and find their voice through coaching in a veteran’s podcast network. HSLD: Besides the little background that we’ve given about you, could you tell us a little more about … [Read more...]

Interview With Tony Mendoza | Producer and Filmmaker | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

High Speed Low Drag’s guest for today is no other than Tony Mendoza. Tony is an active duty member of the Nevada Army National Guard. He is also a digital content producer in Las Vegas who shot his first feature film after returning from Afghanistan in 2010. Tony’s goal is to teach film production full time after retiring from the service. With that introduction out of the way, let’s learn … [Read more...]

How To Name Your Veteran Owned Business (And What To Avoid) | High Speed Low Drag Podcast

What’s in a name? Shakespeare said it and now we are too! If you’re a veteran, do you have an idea as to what should go into a good business name for a business that may potentially be geared towards other veterans? Obviously this podcast is dedicated to the topic of naming your business. How should YOU approach that topic? Names Don’t Matter If we were to ask Seth Godin, he would … [Read more...]

Michael Molinski | USMC Photographer and Graphic Designer | HSLD Podcast

Michael Molinski worked as a photographer and graphic designer for United States Marine Corps out of high school. After his service he moved home to settle down and build his portfolio. In 2009 Michael used his wedding gift money to open a full time studio.  He also started a blog called Since then business has been booming!   HSLD: Besides the little background … [Read more...]