High Speed Low Drag Podcast Is LIVE

Finally! A podcast radio show for Veterans by Veterans. The High Speed Low Drag bi-weekly podcast is available for download and listening at iTunes The High Speed Low Drag bi-weekly podcast is available for download and listening at Stitcher   Listen to us on iTunes Listen to us on Stitcher   OK - so you might be wondering....... What makes … [Read more...]

21 Wildly Successful Vets Living Amazing Lives On Their Own Terms

21 Wildly Successful Vets Living Amazing Lives On Their Own Terms¬†     Grab 1st??? We Have Personal Connection To These Guys....... Jake Hariman (Marine Officer - I served with him) - Nuru International Dre Armeda (Navy Enlisted) & Tony Perez (Marine Corps Enlisted) - Website Security -¬†Sucuri Paul Szoldra - (Navy Enlisted - Met him at NMX in Vegas) - The Duffel … [Read more...]

Why Vets Fail After The Military …. And How to Make Sure You Succeed!

About two million servicemen and servicewomen have completed tours of duties since 2001. That number is expected to grow by about another million over the next five years as we draw down in Afghanistan and the different branches budget for smaller standing forces. As a fraction of the American workforce, that's still less than one percent. But it's a fraction that's plagued with … [Read more...]

13 Advantages Vets Have In The Marketplace

A lot of talk about veterans revolves around the challenges they face and the assistance they need. But what about the strengths veterans already possess? Here we're going to look at thirteen different strengths that every serviceman and servicewoman should be well equipped to bring to any business or industry they join: 1. Leadership Only a small percentage of veterans went through … [Read more...]

7 Myths Civilian Employers Have About Veterans

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about vets. Some of the stereotypes are negative (dumb, violent, etc.), while others are positive (hard workers, honorable) -- but they're all untrue, like most stereotypes are. Here we take a look at some of the most common myths about veterans, and how the reality breaks down for real-life servicemen and servicewomen when they get out: Myth #1: … [Read more...]

11 Things Vets Find Confusing About the Civilian World

The military keeps things simple for its members. Your job is to take care of the mission. Deal with the enemy or the objective at hand; the system will take care of everything else. Housing, training, family care -- all those things are taken care of. The institution has your back. That can make a transition to a world where everyone is functionally on his or her own tough. … [Read more...]

6 Bad Habits You Picked Up In The Military & How To Get Rid Of Them

Veterans come out of the military with years of training in one particular mindset and way of doing things. A lot of that mindset is positive, even in the civilian world. Much of the military attitude will serve you well. But there are a few bad habits of thought and behavior that are common stumbling blocks for transitioning veterans. Take a look at your behavior and see if you're … [Read more...]